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So I know why companies have anti fraud measures but going too far is bad.
When I signed up for Hetzner, they asked me for documents of company incorporation, I sent them and they approved it.
So recently I wanted a .ovh domain for a url shortener.
I paid them the amount, it was 2 days that they didn’t send a mail so I went ahead and raised a ticket.
So they asked me for documents, which I thought is fine, but they wanted me to give them bank statement, which I don’t know why they want.
I sent them my
AADHAR CARD (a kind of citizenship card)
Pan card - Used for income tax purpose
Aadhar card with order number written over a paper captured on a photo to prove its mine
Even the credit card photo from which I paid.
I said, I don’t feel like I have to disclose my bank statements to someone.
But now they want all documents photo taken live with order number written over a paper sheet.
It was a 2$ domain and they want so much things.
Don’t know but won’t use OVH for sure again. Will never recommend also them.



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